Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Jamie's Heart attack rainbow cake Monday

After Jamie's previous cake disaster... hes back with a Heart attack Rainbow Cake

He mixed sugar and butter in a bowl, whisked using a machine (to Adams outrage). He Added eggs , more flour and baking soda. He separated into bowls and added the different colouring. Put in oven then pour over chocolate icing and "purple stuff". Finish off by decorating with chocolate.

Overall everyone liked the cake - was nicely cooked, not too dry etc. A lot of effort went into making it and cooking the individual layers. Negatives were that bought the chocolate to go on top as well as the "purple stuff".

Overall a solid cake.

Overall score


Monday, 17 December 2018

Sue's Cake Monday

Sue has made a toffee apple cake..

She made it by mixing dark sugar, eggs and then whisk until thick. She then added oil slowly and stirred in apple. Mix in flour baking powder and "spices" then bake in the oven. White chocolate, butter, cream cheese, yoghurt were mixed and put together to make the filling.

Overall everyone thought Sue's cake was brilliant. The cake was super tasty, nice and moist and the perfect texture. 

Jamie - "mmmmm"

9 - Tom
9 - Adam
10 - Jamie
10 - Kristian
9 - Kirsty
10 - Steph

Overall score 9.5

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Monday, 19 November 2018

Cake Monday (Rhys)

Vegan cookie dough brownie cake

After a delay in making the cakes due to illness, Rhys is back with his vegan cookie dough/brownie cake....

The brownie layer was made by mixing "brownie flour", baking powder, sugar, banana and water (egg substitute). The Cookie dough layer was made by mixing "cream cocunut sugar" and molasses, water, flour & chocolate chips. Rhys then froze and assembled the layers and then finished by melting chocolate orange over the top.


Sue - tasted "fine" - too squidgy. VERY RICH 7

Tom - Looked very good, vegan, 8

Adam - Very good - healthy, vegan, minus points for late doing it 8

Kirsty - Minus points for being Late, bit simple but tasted good, not a lot of baking 7

Kristian - Tasted good but super super rich 7

Jamie - Looked good, very sweet, "not sure what it is", 7

Steph - 8

Overall 7.4