Monday, 20 May 2013

Careers & Jobs Fair - 22nd May - University of Hertfordshire

We are attending the University of Hertfordshire Graduate Careers Fair this Wednesday. 
If you are interested in pursuing a career in recruitment, or want to learn more about recruitment as a career and what it can do for you, come and have a chat with one of our consultants at the Fair.

If you are a recent graduate from another University, you can contact us at to discuss opportunities. Our full list of vacancies can be found at

IC / Semiconductor Jobs

Check out our latest IC / Semiconductor Jobs here. For more information on our IC / Semiconductor Jobs go to:

Monday, 13 May 2013

Cake Monday 13th May

We race (electronically) and the loser has to bake a cake to feed the office. 
Why? because we like cake.
Who? everyone in the office. No one gets out of it.
When? 1st Monday of the month.
The rules: you make the cake yourself, without any help. You can't 'repeat' a cake. Your cake will be judged on presentation, difficulty and taste, and marked out of 10 by each colleague.

'Death by Chocolate' by Andrew. This was Andrew's first Cake Monday and also his first attempt at cake making "how difficult can making a cake be??".... He chose Mary Berry's 'all-in-one' method which involved making a chocolate sponge batter, chocolate ganache, and sealing the two together with apricot jam. 

The Verdict: 
No complaints in the office this morning. The cake was deliciously moist, with a good rise, even bake, well-made ganache (evenly spread across the cake), and a nice hint of apricot to cut through the rich dark chocolate flavour. You wouldn't know Andrew was a cake novice, people would happily pay for this cake. He absolutely nailed it. Top drawer. Excellent execution. Clearly his engineering precision background came to fruition in this task. 

'Death by Chocolate' Average Score: 8.1

This puts Andrew joint top of the leader board and the one to beat given this was his first ever cake! 
Next month: Nicole. No pressure.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Interview Tip: Positive Body Language

Using effective non-verbal communication techniques, such as body language in your interview, is essential to your success. Non-verbal communication accounts for over 90% of the message you are sending out, yet your verbal content only provides 7% of the message. Both your body language (55% of the message) and the way you speak such as voice tone (38%), are as important as the actual words you use in your interview answers.Most interviewers start with a handshake – make sure you get yours right. Posture and eye contact are also areas you should consider prior to an interview. Practise makes perfect....

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