Friday, 28 March 2014

Cake Target Friday

Waitrose is doing well out of us, 3 weeks on the trot we've hit target and bought up their fresh cakes counter. Their staff now know Nils (and his weekly question, 'do you have any custard tarts??'). One day, he will discover the custard tarts aisle. In the meantime, bring on the cheesecakes. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Enterprise attends school Careers Day

Enterprise Recruitment was invited to speak to Year 12 students at a local Secondary School as part of their 'Careers Day'. The Talk was to arm 16 & 17 year olds with some advice and pointers when it comes to tackling today's employment market & how we can potentially help them when they finish school & university. This is the 3rd school Enterprise Recruitment has presented to this year and we look forward to maintaining those links as we move towards the forthcoming academic year.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Work Ski Trip March 2014 - Morillon, France

Half the team can ski and half the team can't. Day 1: Nursery slope tuition for the beginners whilst the experienced skiers hit the mountains.
On the travelator - before or after he serrated his arms on the slope?!

Heading to the bar
Turning and snow plough fathomed, a few large beers before heading to the slopes


After 2 hours of tuition, the experienced skiers freak out the beginners by taking them out of Nursery and down a slope. Two of us hate heights and one of us had just narrowly missed being swiped by the chair lift at the top here, none of which boded well for traversing a Blue steep bit (technical term).


Day 2: Man vs Food

A brilliant weekend skiing. Here's to hitting the Winter Target so that we can go again next year!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Latest Graduate Software Jobs

 Share with Computer Science & Software Engineering Students that you know - we have lots of Graduate opportunities that may be suitable for them!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Cake Monday 3rd March

We race (electronically) and the loser has to bake a cake to feed the office. 
Why? because we like cake.
Who? everyone in the office. No one gets out of it.
When? 1st Monday of the month.
The rules: you make the cake yourself, without any help. You can't 'repeat' a cake. Your cake will be judged on presentation, difficulty and taste, and marked out of 10 by each colleague. When you have baked 3 cakes, you are out of the competition for 1 year.

'Carrot Cake' by Adam. The usual nightmare was described; totally forgot he had to make the cake, so it was a sudden rush on Sunday to get to Tesco in time to buy all of the ingredients. No carrots at Tesco apart from carrot batons, which took hours to peel. No scales at home so all ingredients were weighed through guesswork using his hands. Only one baking tin, so the entire mixture was bunged in one half tin and cooking time had to be adjusted/guessed. He forewarned us that the cake looked overdone on the outside and may not be cooked in the middle. Mmmmm, nice.

The Verdict: Sob story aside, the cake tasted good. Rosie normally HATES carrot cake, but this one was fine because you couldn't taste the carrot (yey for batons). Only criticisms were that it was quite sweet and there were a lot of walnuts in it. The icing was made with two packs of cream cheese, vanilla extract and icing sugar - yet, it just tasted like icing sugar mixed with water drizzled over the cake. 

Carrot Cake Average Score: 7.5

Next time: Jamie. We have asked him not to do a fruit cake. The one that got away: Smritee. 16 months later, Smritee has never lost the drinks dash and been forced to make a cake.