Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Cake Monday - August

We race (electronically) and the loser has to bake a cake to feed the office. 
Why? Because we like cake.
Who? Everyone in the office. No one gets out of it. When? 1st Monday of the month. The rules: you make the cake yourself, without any help. You can't 'repeat' a cake. Your cake will be judged on presentation, difficulty and taste, and marked out of 10 by each colleague. When you have baked 3 cakes, you are out of the competition for 1 year.

'Chocolate Protein Cake' by Adam
Every month, Adam grins and bears an (always) small slither of cake on Cake Monday. Adam is not a cake fan, he prefers meat and lots of it. When he lost the race he did everything he could to try and get out of it including booking a day off on Cake Monday AND trying to re-run the race but to his dismay, he was shot down. So Adam decided to do it his way, with protein. To make this cake, he mixed eggs, vanilla, and Manuka honey with butternut squash that had been mashed and blended instead of flour. He then added 85% dark chocolate, almonds, cinnamon, cocoa powder and of course PROTEIN POWDER. All this was mixed together and put into a cake tin that had been greased using coconut oil. The mix was put in the oven and goji berries he had lying around were added on top for an extra healthy kick. Upon walking into the office our expectations were lowered immediately with Adam announcing “you won’t like this cake, it’s not going to go down well.”

The Verdict: 
This cake caused a lot of strange faces to be pulled in the office, and strange comments were made too. For example: “that doesn’t taste like a cake!”, “goji berries – what are they about” and “this tastes like potpourri”. Even chocolate cake’s #1 fan Andrew couldn’t stomach it, asking “is there pepper in this? Is it a starter?!” he also suggested it needed either or both clotted cream and chocolate icing. The cake was interesting and most were not a fan of the texture or taste… however the idea behind the cake, using butternut squash instead of flour, was agreed by all to be pure genius and made the cake nice and moist. Sam who doesn’t even like butternut squash really enjoyed it and said it had a complex flavour. Sidonie was also a fan giving it 8/10 and went back for seconds!

Next time: George’s amazing cake making skills are put to the test again, we are all pleased Adam is no longer in the equation.

Healthy Chocolate Cake Average Score: 5.8