Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Monday, 19 November 2018

Cake Monday (Rhys)

Vegan cookie dough brownie cake

After a delay in making the cakes due to illness, Rhys is back with his vegan cookie dough/brownie cake....

The brownie layer was made by mixing "brownie flour", baking powder, sugar, banana and water (egg substitute). The Cookie dough layer was made by mixing "cream cocunut sugar" and molasses, water, flour & chocolate chips. Rhys then froze and assembled the layers and then finished by melting chocolate orange over the top.


Sue - tasted "fine" - too squidgy. VERY RICH 7

Tom - Looked very good, vegan, 8

Adam - Very good - healthy, vegan, minus points for late doing it 8

Kirsty - Minus points for being Late, bit simple but tasted good, not a lot of baking 7

Kristian - Tasted good but super super rich 7

Jamie - Looked good, very sweet, "not sure what it is", 7

Steph - 8

Overall 7.4