Monday, 30 April 2018


Rhys aka Tiger Woods

Game 1

Game 2

Cake Monday - April

Much to his dislike, it was Adam's turn to have a go 

Was pretty disappointed he didn't make a pie - he had a go at making a "healthy cake".
To make this cake, Adam blended dark chocolate and coco powder then added raising agent. He then added eggs, cashew butter, dates or figs (he couldn't remember which) and Almond milk. This was then cooked in the oven.

It was supposedly meant to be eaten warm, but we ate it cold instead.

It was a healthy cake (including the raspberries on top) but some thought it was a bit too rich. Good use of substitute ingredients (cashew butter). Generally everyone thought it tasted nice but thought the coco powder on top made it "dusty" and a bit dry,

Average score: 6.7

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Trip to Berlin

Beers on the first night

After the first night, (with some feeling very hungover) we saw what Berlin had to offer - including the world renowned Yaam bar

The Riddler in his Yaam van

Drinks on the second night 

The flight home
Brilliant trip, lots of good food (and beer).

Cake Monday is BACK!!

After a short break... Cake Monday is back and Steph was the first to step up.

To make this cake, Steph melted butter/syrup in a hot pan and then melted marsbars. She then added rice crispies and pressed into a tin for 1 1/2 hours. A bar of white chocolate was then melted and a glass was used to make the shapes - these were then left to set and were stuck on top of the cake.

The Verdict:
The cake was simple, but it did taste very good! Despite being simple, it did take a lot of time to complete.. so points for dedication. The Enterprise logo was a good touch as well. 

Average score: 7.2