Thursday, 13 March 2014

Work Ski Trip March 2014 - Morillon, France

Half the team can ski and half the team can't. Day 1: Nursery slope tuition for the beginners whilst the experienced skiers hit the mountains.
On the travelator - before or after he serrated his arms on the slope?!

Heading to the bar
Turning and snow plough fathomed, a few large beers before heading to the slopes


After 2 hours of tuition, the experienced skiers freak out the beginners by taking them out of Nursery and down a slope. Two of us hate heights and one of us had just narrowly missed being swiped by the chair lift at the top here, none of which boded well for traversing a Blue steep bit (technical term).


Day 2: Man vs Food

A brilliant weekend skiing. Here's to hitting the Winter Target so that we can go again next year!

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