Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Cake Monday 4th June

We race (electronically) and the loser has to bake a cake to feed the office. 
Why? because we like cake.
Who? everyone in the office. No one gets out of it.
When? 1st Monday of the month.
The rules: you make the cake yourself, without any help. You can't 'repeat' a cake. Your cake will be judged on presentation, difficulty and taste, and marked out of 10 by each colleague.

'Nicky's Sticky Mess' cake by Nicole. Four tiers of lemon sponge (with a dash of Barcadi) sandwiched together with lemon curd and topped with a meringue-based coconut frosting. The frosting was technically difficult as it required heating egg whites and sugar over simmering water, gently enough so that the eggs cooked without scrambling. Vegetable fat was substituted for margarine to add moisture to the cake. BUT...Nicole admitted to having help with the beating of the ingredients...

The Verdict: the taste of the cake was so good that the judges overlooked the presentation of the cake and the 'help' factor (well, everyone apart from Jess that is). Very original. Tasty & moist. Delicious. Loving the lemon. The light and glossy frosting was very popular. We all gasped as Jess revealed her highest score ever. Nicole's first Cake Monday has taken top spot on the Leader Board.

'Nicky's Sticky Mess' Average Score: 8.25

Next time: Teresa. The ones that got away: Jamie, Taq & Smritee.

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