Monday, 10 June 2013

The optimum room temperature. Discuss.

That's what we've been debating since 8.30am this morning. We were all so excited in the blazing heat & ice creams of Friday that air con would be installed by Monday. Air con now installed, it had to be tested through its full temperature range which involved sitting in freezing conditions through to Tenerife temperatures. Then air con had to be set at the 'ideal office temperature'. This is when the debate really began.

Some people in the office feel the cold and want heat from the air con, others wear short-sleeves in Winter and start sweating if the room hits above freezing.

Maybe we should all move desks as there are definitely 'cold spots' in the office? Physics of air circulation were discussed, hot drinks were made, and then finally, at 2pm, we found the ideal temperature. We think. At least til the 'cold' team return from lunch that is.

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