Friday, 28 October 2016

Teresa's Ode to Enterprise

In my many years at Enterprise, I've seen some wondrous things,
So I thought I'd share a few of them, to see what laughs they bring.
We've done some trips along the way, and downed so many beers,
We've had good times and laughed so much, some even face their fears.....

At Centre Parcs there was some fun, we had a barbecue,
And then we played the name game  - though some didn't have a clue,
Adam came early for breakfast, hoping to be fed -
But he was so disappointed to find us still in bed.
We fired some guns and climbed up trees, George wobbling on that board,
That leap of faith - it took some guts, when finally she soared.

Bruges showed us Jamie's wild side, his pole dancing was sublime,
To unhinge him from that pole of his - took us a long, long time,
The locals there stopped by to help, but all to no avail,
Our recompense came the very next day when Jamie looked so pale.

We've been to France to learn to ski and spend some time on snow,
Some found it hard, some skied a lot but everyone had a go,
The following day, with aches all round, we'd all improved a bit,
Apart from Adam, now where was he? Ah yes, hungover in his pit.

In Amsterdam the red light zone was visited at night, 
In our hotel, with few clothes on, were porn stars left and right.
In Ireland we went to Dublin, to try some pints of stout,
But the black stuff wasn't good for us - some even spat it put.

The boys of course, love cake Monday - in fact they think it's a pleasure,
To bake a cake for their colleagues, giving up a whole day of leisure.

Once, feeling brave and fool hardy, we did a charity run,
So we entered a race with obstacles - it should have been some fun,
We were dunked in mud and cold water, on a cold October day,
And Jamie carried his team's log alone, although he went the wrong way.

We like to try out pub quizzes, we generally have a blast,
Our egg head man Greg knows a lot, well except for ropes and masts.
When targets are hit it's curry, so to Berko we go forth,
And tottering on the highest heels it's  our party girl George North.

So what will I miss as I'm leaving? From all the laughs we've had,
Perhaps Callum wearing his slippers, and a cardigan like a dad?
Or maybe Sue with her sighing, when anything goes wrong,
Or Adam who hates adding up, why does it take so long?
If you say the wrong word, or do a daft thing, Katie gets out her book,
And records your faux pas for posterity - so everyone else can look.

So, my memories so far are good - but one thing still rankles me,

And that's the A team's lack of effort when it comes to making the teas!

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